Mankind Rising - Where Do Humans Come From.

Nov. 18, 2017, 10:05 a.m. By: Kirti

Mankind Rising

Mankind Rising is a computer-animated mind blogging documentary that brings you to re-imagine the biological evolution of humanity, that begins with the genetic makeup of the first primordial cell and ends with the emergence of the Homo erectus- The first bipedal species. It very beautifully takes you on the journey of life and the evolution of Mankind. How for a beginning, it needed destruction.

Beginning nearly 4,000 million years ago, the evolutionary timeline here in great depth is illustrated, tracing the first instance of cell division through the appearance of the first water worm that was about 550 million years ago. The development of the first brain enabled early species to gain sight, one of the first major milestones in the early biological development and its evolution even further when required. The species could now see. The first segment of the film takes viewers underwater before emerging onto land, where the story turns to our reptilian and mammalian ancestors and very breathtakingly shows us how they evolved with the help of Natural Selection.

In addition to the many miracles of biology that have taken its toll in our existence, the film highlights the other factors that have made humanity's survival so spectacular and breathtaking, such as numerous predators and natural disasters of immense scale. A volcanic eruption 225 million years ago lasted half a million years and eliminated 95% of the species on Earth, yet our ancestral species prevailed through Natural Selection. And how one thing led to another. From the tiniest of details, Small, shrew-like mammals that superseded the dinosaurs and saved themselves and thus traveled across the continents, spreading seeds and therefore food sources and life across the planet while there was destruction all over. Hence, still finding its way out. It takes you back in time when our ancestors first started walking on feet to become what we are today. In this breathtaking documentary you'll see how every single creature contributed to our structure and how over a span of millions of years, our body parts evolved.

Mankind Rising

This ultimately lead to the appearance of primates, a point that was marked as the greatest turning point in our evolutionary history. The movie then moves its audience Over the course of the next ten million years, where, climate changes decreased the size of forests and impacted the availability of food, creating yet another shift in the biological makeup of Earth and its inhabitants causing Natural Selection to play its role again. The need to travel greater distances and obtain a broader variety of nutrients required yet another step in evolution, and therefore paved the way for the clever Homo erectus, who demonstrated an ability to solve problems, use tools like stones, communicate to prevent misunderstandings, and manage the fire. It was a time, where needs led to discovery. From here social constructs such as family and competitive behavior came forth and from the use of stone as a weapon, they began their journey to the discovery of fire, its pros and cons and a lot more.

Mankind Rising, this powerful documentary uses computer graphics and voice-over storytelling to create a very dramatic narrative to the viewer and is at par with all the videos that we all have watched as children in schools. This masterpiece of work walks the viewer through the entire early history of mankind, shining the light on the countless obstacles and challenges that were faced along the way in order to create a future that will all live in today.

Mankind Rising - Where do Humans Come From:

Video Source: Naked Science