The Evolution of Everything - A Space Documentary

Nov. 25, 2017, 11:19 a.m. By: Kirti

Space Documentary

This is our world. A world that is a today a familiar place to live in. Let's just Walk away from the fire and look up, and question ourselves- Are our thoughts even? Is the universe hostile and welcoming?

The edge of space that exists only a hundred kilometers up, is just a few hours of drive from home. The home where life continues to exist, the traffic continues to move and increase and everything continues as it is. But all of this needs to be left behind in order to dig the dark ocean that is beyond it, into the shallows that is not too far from the home, to THE MOON.

Dozens of astronauts have come this way before us. And 12 of them have walked on the moon itself, being there, a place familiar like home, so close but looks like it's been bombarded by a million meteoroids, And this brings back memories, The Apollo lunar module(LM) and the first footprints of Neil Armstrong that Look like they were just made yesterday as there is no air to change them and they should survive for a million of years, and even more than us.

Our time is very limited and we all need to take our own giant leap further than where any human has ever traveled. Out away comes a friendly face, the Goddess of love- The Venus that is the morning star, the evening star. She sometimes welcomes the day from the east, others she says goodnight from the west. The spectacular yellow clouds around the planet reflect the sunlight from the sun the reason why it is the solar systems brightest planet. A sister to our planet, she is of about the same size and gravity as the earth. So maybe we should be safe here?

But the Venus express Space probe tells us that these spectacular yellow clouds are made up of deadly Sulphuric acid and that the atmosphere of the planet is choked with deathly carbon oxide. But it little that is known. Venus is one angry goddess, that is hot and approaching 500 degree Celsius and nothing can survive here. But the Soviet Venera robotic probe who's heavy arm is being wrecked by the heavy poisonous atmosphere that surrounds it. Venus is our hideous sister from hell consisting of volcanoes.

From Venus, the video then takes you the other planet, the smallest of them all and the nearest to the sun- The Mercury. Where if you get too close, you burn. Where at night the temperature is actually a -170 degrees and on the contemporary in the day, it is 400 plus. And then continues to talk about the messenger space probe that tells about the planet being a gravitational pool and should be heavier than what it looks. It is a huge ball of iron cover with a layer of rocks.

Maybe it was slammed by another planet, that was maybe small causing the marks on its surface, And here we sit exposed, in the middle, helpless and small. Everything you can think of. Everything tell us to turn back, But who could define this? The sun in all its mesmerizing ways. our light and our lives, in fact, everything we do is controlled by the sun. And more than that it is the Greek God Helios driving his chariot across the sky, this is the closest you can stare at god face to face.

This amazing Documentary takes you on a breathtaking journey switching between planets and telling you about them to the Sun. This amazing must watch documentary takes you to the evolution. To the evolution of everything.

So, Let us rather than to just keep standing there and continue to look on forever, decide to look back into time, and leave the universe to SEE the universe itself, to visit new black forces, new planets. To discover oneness, confront its horrors, from the beginning of time to the end of the world. Will we all have the courage to see it or be overwhelmed? There is only one way to find out. - A JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE. And this amazing documentary lets you do just that.

Evolution of Everything - Space Documentary:

Video Source: The All-Seeing Eye