Earth-I : Vivid-i and VividX2

Jan. 31, 2018, 5:29 a.m. By: Pranjal

Vivid-i & VividX2

EARTH-I is building a large constellation of very high-resolution satellites that will work in flawless harmony. This will open new opportunities for the development of tools and applications that can leverage value from high-frequency, high-resolution image and video data. They supply high-resolution image data services from the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation and the KOMPSAT series of satellites to clients across the globe.

Earth-I is driven by Governmental organizations that want to use high-quality, timely images and video from space to improve investment and trading decisions, monitor and track their assets more cost-effectively, track changes or activities in critical locations.

Launch of Vivid-I

Earth-I (British 'New Space' pioneer) has successfully launched the pre-production prototype satellite of its upcoming satellite constellation. The commercial constellation of the satellite will be known as Vivid-I which will be the first one to provide full-color video, and the first European-owned constellation able to provide both video and still images.

Vivid-i Constellation will increase the ability of companies and institutions to monitor, track and analyze activities, patterns of life and changes at any location on earth.

Detail about the prototype

The prototype was manufactured by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL). The prototype was launched on the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle from the Sriharikota rocket launch center operated by the Indian Space Research Organisation, located in South East India.

Vivid X2

CARBONITE-2 is a technology demonstration mission which is operated by SSTL and will be referred to as VividX2 by the Earth-i team. This will prove technology and processes for Earth-I’s upcoming constellation which includes tasking, data downlinks to stations, image quality and the complex motion control system which can show moving objects on Earth.

Future prospect

Earth-I has also ordered the next five satellites for its Vivid-i constellation from SSTL, Norway's KSAT to provide ground network services, commissioned software from Swedish photogrammetry and imagery specialist, Spacemetric, to manage, catalog and geometrically correct images and video from its new prototype satellite.

European Space Agency has also promised to work with Earth-i to assess the benefits of Vivid-i observations as part of a renewed effort of ESA to engage with commercial companies to support European Earth Observation ventures.

Some of the unique capabilities provided by the satellite includes:

  1. Rapid tasking of satellites to take images or video, and fast data download within minutes of acquisition.

  2. Ability to film moving objects such as vehicles, vessels in High-quality video

  3. High-frame rate images with resolutions better than one meter for any location on Earth.

  4. Footage will be available for analysis within minutes of being captured and will improve decision-making and response times in a wide variety of scenarios from change detection to object identification which can use in sectors like infrastructure monitoring and disaster response.

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