Titan & Europa - An Alternative Earth?

Oct. 7, 2018, 9:55 a.m. By: Kirti

Titan & Europa

It was just a couple years ago, when Mars was always the top candidate for a planet other than Earth where life might be found and where life could have sustained. But there are always if's: What if Mars disappoints our approach towards it? Are there other candidates in the solar system that could support life and sustain it?

The answer is yes.

1. Titan: Saturn's Largest Moon:

Larger than Mercury Or Pluto, Saturn's Titan is the only other world apart from the Earth And Venus to have both solid ground and a thick atmosphere.

If Titan wasn't in orbit around another planet, there is absolutely no hesitation in calling it a planet in its own life. Titan is basically a mystery that is hidden inside this hazy smoggy atmosphere and It was Cassini who confirmed that Titan is shrouded and thick orange smog.

All the experiments conducted in the lab have shown this could be the result of four and a half billion years of sunlight reacting with a thick nitrogen and methane atmosphere. But Cassini's** camera could only see partly through the haze and the patches of light and dark looked like continents and oceans.

To understand it better, For over seven years, The European Huygens Probe rode piggyback on the American Cassini spacecraft. On 25th December 2004 it was sent on its way and Planet Earth had never attempted to land on such a distant world before. With the Huygens probe on final approach to Titan, operations switch to European Mission Control and as the probe descended for the first 80 miles seeing nothing but smog and haze as it got closer to the surface down at about 30 kilometers the service features started to peek through the haze.

The signal was taking over an hour to reach planet earth. And as the probe drifted further, it snapped remarkable images all the way down.

This video is a part of the Documentary "Saturn- A Travelers guide to the planets" which brings to you beautiful images of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. So, Join in to Explore the beauty of Titan with pictures brought to you by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft.

Titan: Saturn's Largest Moon - An Alternative Earth?

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2. Europa - Jupiter's Moon With the Hidden Ocean:

Earlier it was thought that the chance of meeting alien life on the planets beyond Mars was close to absolute zero.

When life on Jupiter was first seriously discussed in the 70's there was only one place worth considering: The clouds. Perhaps, a whole community of aliens could live drifting above in a Goldilocks zone where it is warm wet and sunny much like plankton floating in the sunlit oceans of Earth.

For life to exist, an alien world would need to have vast quantities of a medium, such as water. A vast ocean, beneath its frozen surface is therefore thought to exist on the planet. Models created mimicking conditions on Europa suggest that to give rise to life forms the salty oceans of the Jovian satellite could harbor enough chemical energy. These conditions without a need for hydrothermal action could bring forth life.

This video brings to you Jupiter's moon Europa that hides a secret under his thick water-ice crust: An ocean that consists of salty seawater. Is it possible that we can find life on Europa?

Europa - Jupiter's Moon With the Hidden Ocean:

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