The Best Documentary Ever- The Story Of The Earth And Life

Nov. 5, 2017, 4:12 a.m. By: Kirti


Let's go back to Around 5 Billion Years ago, The time where The Sun is surrounded by Dust and the Earth is not formed Yet. Millions of years Later, Gravity pulls all the Dust and Rocks together, Creating the New Born Earth.

Precisely, 4.54 Billion years ago, when the Earth, that we call Home today had a temperature of about nearly 1200 Degree Celsius and was a living hell. When nothing could survive on Earth, and if anything would have been there, would have been Burnt to death by Lava. The Earth might seem solid beneath our feet today but five billion years ago there was no sign of the planet we call home, we call Earth. Instead, there was only a new star and a cloud of dust in our solar system. Over millions of years, a series of violent changes led to the formation of our world and, eventually, the creation of life.

This mind-Blogging photorealistic CGI epic takes you from this Node of creation, takes you back in time, where our planet-Earth just is formed after a collision to a point of time, where life starts to exist as we know it today. Very Beautifully it shows you the Evolution of life, And how for life to Exist, Destruction was necessary.

Time after Time, as seconds and minutes pass, in this captivating Documentary, see how a boiling ball of rock transforms into the blue planet we know today. Explore every aspect of our world; learn how water first arrived on Earth, discover the vital role oxygen played as life forms began to evolve, and get to know how before becoming extinct 65 million years ago, the land mammals evolved into dinosaurs and other giant beasts. The Cutting-edge imagery also reveals how humans first began to walk on two feet and lets you look into the future to see what may be in store for our home over the next five billion years.

Earth And Life

This documentary that is so intriguing but always full of guesses & assumptions, will if not anything will teach you a lot, about life, about the destruction that comes before it.

The Best Documentary Ever!! - The Story Of Earth And Life:

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